Friday, April 23, 2010

Are you up for a challenge?

So many of you know, Sugar Snap Pea is going to be that perfect 1 stop shop for new moms and grandmothers to be. I have spent a great deal of time learning about swaddle blankets, and the perfect slings and even the perfect feeding spoon for your child.

However, I will never pretend that I know everything when it comes to getting ready for your bundle of joy ( at least not yet ;)

I'm blessed to be supported by so many friends who have already become moms or been around enough babies, and so this challenge is for you.

Sugar Snap Pea is finishing up a perfect "registry" list. The categories are:


The registry is not limited to babies, but also is extended to help moms watch their little babies grow into big strong toddlers.


1. Come up with clever names for each registry category. These have to be unique, simple and straight to the point. Permission to be as creative as you can get! Permission to edit each category = granted.
2. Send your "I thought Id never survive without" in those categories. Some items I may already have and just hiding from you, some I may not even know existed.
3. What are the absolute must haves categories and items for the growing toddlers? (through age 4T)

I believe that every challenge is way FUNNER( excellent word, dont mock it) if it has a prize at the end. So while the prize is a secret, my faithful panels of judges and I will pick a winner.

May the best player win!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

my little vision

I recently had coffee with my friend Jenna. Jenna and her husband are photographers here in Charleston. We were discussing how they were in need of some branding, and after 2 hour coffee date, we realized we think the same. In house decor.

Let me explain. When someone asks me what I want something to look like, I automatically think of furniture and colors in a room. This applies to everything. "What do I want my business cards to look like? Let me show you an image of this gorgeous kitchen, and hopefully you'll understand".

I wish I could be the kind of person who can create ugly spaces into amazing-ness (new obsession 9-by design on bravo). However, I'll stick to my managerial mindset, and just tell others what to do.

So when people started to ask me what sugar snap pea store will look like, I started to throw all kinds of inspirations, while non of them are of actual stores. I have a big board of images and textures, but I wanted to show you a few images that I loved. Lets see if the final project ends up to anything close to these images :)

images : google images, pinkwallpaper, full house.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I think I need that...

These past months have been great. I have had the priveledge to meet many wonderful retailers
here in the Charleston area, and have already been supported by many.

When people ask me what I am about to do, I say, "I'm opening a baby store...I'll be selling some babies"...well I think out of 20 tries for that joke, I got a half "you're weird" I've since decided to stop with the joke. I have upgraded my horrible jokes, to actually telling people about the different products Ill be selling.

While I cant discuss every single line, I will share some items here and there, to get you excited about shopping at SSP.

Sugar Snap Pea will carry only the cutest clothes, but besides adorable outfits, SSP will carry items for feeding, playing, sleeping and any other "must have" items a new mom may need.

Today, I got a box of our wonderful Safe Sippy 2 cups. If you have 59 seconds, check out their little video. These bottles come in great "southern" styles as well as excellent functionality.

Its a cup that is dishwasher safe, BPA free (helps our tree friends) as well as serves the purpose from a standard sippy cup need for the younger users ( that mind you, does not spill) to toddler-big girl/boy cup with a straw!!!
Sugar Snap Pea wont carry 20 different types of sippy cups, but will strive to carry the best of the best. It has been said, that Safe Sippy 2 is the Rolls Royce of sippy cups- The beauty? No need for any down payments for this functional toy. The price is great!

Friday, April 16, 2010

revisiting the plan

I recently had to look over my business plan. I recall writing it on a 9 hour flight from Chicago to London (before you assume I was this glamorous lady sipping on champagne while someone offered me a hot towel, let me paint you this picture...)
I was tired, a sense of time blended in and "17 again" (-great movie btw) was playing for the 3rd time that flight. All I wanted to do was to fall asleep. However, I knew I couldn't. No, not because I was sandwiched between two people competing for "who can snore louder" but because I was going to tell my parents that I was changing my life... completely....I was going from a biweekly paycheck, to no money at all and was praying for their blessing.
I was always a good kid. I believe I got grounded once, and Im pretty sure the ground rules for being grounded never got established ("umm, dad, i know i'm grounded, but can I watch TV and call my friends?"-"sure sweetie")
I heard many times people say " you should write a business plan, it will help you". I didnt believe them, until I actually wrote one out. My mind was going 12 different directions. By putting something in writing, it helped me more than I can explain. Finally, an idea of having dancing monkeys in my store did sound like a crazy idea (ok, maybe i really didnt think i was going to have them....maybe)

So when I recently revisited my plan, it was so wonderful to see all of the ideas that I have for Sugar Snap Pea. A lot of these ideas I wont be able to share with you until the grand opening, but one thing I can for sure say, my customer is my priority.

So you, my customer and friends, what would you like to hear/read about? This blog is not just for me to ramble about puppies and flowers, misspell every word and make half funny jokes, but for Sugar Snap Pea to become your beloved go to informational friend/store. Want to hear about Charleston and great friends I am making? Done! Palmetto bugs? Done! (so not looking forward to those) Perhaps you have a great idea about how I should arrange my store, marketing ideas and great brands I need to carry. No idea is ever stupid or silly!

I obviously got my blessing from my wonderful parents. Parents, if I could clone them, everyone should have. Because of their wonderful, first and most important, emotional support, sugar snap pea is becoming what it is today. So thank those in your life, who have really been an encouragement to you! Never got an encouragement? Drop me an email, and you'll get more "atta boy/girl" than you were hoping to get.

Look forward to hearing from you all! (oh, I've started to say sounds as funny as you can imagine coming from me)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lets Sling!

It is very rare to meet someone who doesn't just giggle looking at cute kids clothes. Its just so little and precious! To think, they eventually become teenagers ;) (I still call my mom daily to apologize for being a brat between ages 14 to...well yesterday)

But besides the cute goo goo and gaa gaa, we have to realize that they are very small, fragile human beings. They need special attention, and special products to keep them safe. Slings have become a very popular item. And yes, they are a great product. The child is close to a mothers body, feeling safe, as well as gives mom the ability to multi-task. Unfortunately, like any other product, people need to be educated on how to use them. You may have heard about certain product recalls. If you have any questions about slings, I have become more knowledgeable, than I ever thought Id be :)

Below, is a small product information on the proper use of different sling use.

Sugar Snap Pea picked up a great product for the fall, and is excited for Charleston to use it!
K'Tan carriers are safe, hold heavier weight than most, and have a unique design, both for safety, and accessibility.

Some wraps need pages and pages of manuals, on just how to get something out of a box. K'tan has great instructions and shows different ways you can use this product. But dont take my word for it. Starting this fall, Sugar Snap Pea will be offering different classes to help mothers make the best decision regarding their purchasing decisions!