Tuesday, March 15, 2011

whats with the silence?

Im pretty sure I can count on multiple hands, mine and yours, how many time I said i'll get better at blogging about SSP. I think I'll just stop saying it and try to get better :) With the fall show that just happened in NY, to multiple trips that i'm taking to building a website and interviewing for positions at ssp (if you're interested in a retail position dont hesitate to email me!) I have fallen off the wagon. But worry not, ill be getting back on this asap!

in other news....


So many of you have asked about shoes, and well, we have new ones!! Morgan and Milo didnt disappoint again and looky here what we have, varying in sizes!
girls sizes 6-13.5
girls sizes 9.5-2
girls sizes 9-1
baby unisex sizes 4-7
boy sizes 7-12

playground has never been more fun in these!!