Monday, January 31, 2011

visiting and living charleston just got better!

Sugar Snap Pea loves Charleston! If you don't live here (we're sorry for you) but have been dying to visit, your trip planning with your little ones just got easier.

Starting in February we are offering a rental program to make packing a little bit easier. We will continue to add new products to our lists, but if there is something you need but don't see on the list, give us a call!

Live in Charleston and have been dying to see if these products are right for you? Come rent them for a day and if you're satisfied and ready to purchase one from us, we will rebate your rental!

Currently on our rental lists include:

Bugaboo Cameleon: Perfect to rent as a bassinet or as a stroller. Great for infants and for our bumpy cobblestone streets. Heading to the beach? Turn this stroller into a 2 wheel cart!

Rate: Day Rate-$10, Weekend rate (friday through sunday)- $20, Week Rate-$45

Bjorn Travel Crib: 11 lbs total, easiest folding and unfolding. You will never want to go back to your old pack n' play!

Rate: Day Rate-$7, Weekend rate (friday through sunday)- $20, Week Rate-$40

Bugaboo Bee: Perfect one part fold stroller. Be ready to head out to the beach or off the peninsula to see some other Charleston sites!

Rate: Day Rate-$7, Weekend rate (friday through sunday)- $20, Week Rate-$40

Bjorn Synery Carrier: Light and Mesh, perfect for our Charleston Heat. The best part? Has full back support, so will make carrying your little one easier on you and them!

Rate: Day Rate-$5, Weekend rate (friday through sunday)- $15, Week Rate-$30

We will be taking reservations, so make sure to book yours ahead of time!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

we're cooking something good!!

January may be a month where people relax from their busy holiday schedules, but that's not the case here at Sugar Snap Pea! As many of you know, we have a lot of fun secrets under our sleeves, and well be announcing them very soon!

Currently we are working on our webstore!! So many people, locals or visitors, asked if we had an online store, that we knew waiting another 6 months wouldn't be smart.

Currently our goal is to have everything up by February 21st, but who knows, we may work overtime :)

Some of the fun things it will include:

~baby registry~

While we LOVE having moms come in and register here, and will continue to encourage in store consultations, we want your out of town relatives to be able to buy you gifts you actually WANT!

~baby registry recommendations~

we love helping parents make smart decisions for their new additions. You'll be able to read on our registry recommendations and make an educated decision on what you'll want to register, even if its not with us!

~top 10 gifts~

so many of you have birthday parties that you know you HAVE to go to, but have no idea what to get. Enter-SSP. We will make the best recommendations based on age, quality and price.

~gift baskets~

We are finally going to launch our concierge service we talked so much about! Pick a gift from $25, $50 or $100 and let us do the rest! (these will be preset or you can customize your own)

And remember, all of our gift wrap is complimentary!

Any other fun options that you'd like to see on our site? Were open to all suggestions!

P.S. GOOGLE: Sugar Snap Pea and see what you get! We just beat our biggest competition-the vegetables!

Friday, January 21, 2011

HAPPY 6months TO US!!!!!

google images-nicksmithphotography

SSP IS 6 months today!!!! Thats right! We're growing faster than we can stand it and are so so excited. To celebrate we are having a little birthday party. Ok, half birthday party...we hope to look like this by the end of it:

On a serious note: On February 13th (beautiful Second Sunday on King Street) we are having Jonathan Miller, the author of Adventures of Sammy, have a fun book signing and reading time for all of you! Times are to come, but there will be 2 readings so that you can be sure to stop by!


P.S. Keep checking our, Margaret is AMAZING and our webstore is COMING SOON!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dont walk...RUN!

Hi everyone! I deserve a big fat F for neglecting this blog. But not to worry, 2011 resolution will keep me in check when it comes to updating this blog :) ( i am sure this blog will get more attention than my gym membership)

I hope everyone had a great holiday and thank you all for stopping back to ask me how my travels were. Visiting my folks was wonderful and I had my store in wonderful hands, thanks to Heather and Meg.

2011 is here and I can not WAIT until all the new stuff arrive. We just got our new tea collection items for early spring and its amazing. The best part? we have sizes through 8!!!! Our next collection will have sizes through 12 in select outfits for girls.

Dont believe me that its great? How about some of these images below? I will leave you drooling, while I finish unpacking it all ( and psst we have 30% off some great items too!!)