Sunday, June 27, 2010

from chalk to chuckle

I've been dreaming about different ways Sugar Snap Pea is going to look (or better yet, waking up at 4am in panic). Yes, having the best product is very important to me and I hope you will love what we are bringing this summer. However, customer service is HUGE. Part of our customer service is going to involve the pleasant feel of the store, where adults and kids will want to return all the time!

I remember my little brother having a great love for writing on our hallway wallpaper. Yes, this was before everyone swore off wallpapers, and before it came back as a huge decorating hit. (thank you, endless days of HGTV). There is nothing more appealing than having some tea and starring at an inked wallpaper. He used other products like markers, but never anything that would come off the wall. Again, notice all rebel stories never involving me...

These days, parents are getting smart and "wall training" their kids. This is the safe zone, that is not. One way to do that, is by painting part of the wall in chalk paint and let kids roam free.
Sugar Snap Pea is going to have that "safe zone" wall where kids (and adults) can express their creativity. Also, be sure to look out for specials, events and other fun information on that wall!

Take a look for yourself at these great walls!

images : the stir, sweetiepiepumkinnoodle, joliejolie, google images

Thursday, June 17, 2010

From Me to you...stranger who will be my sibling

I've heard many funny stories about parents preparing their only child to realize that he/she is going to have a new baby brother/sister. I was that kid once. Granted my age difference with my brother was 8 years and I was perfectly happy as a single child. My mom and I were bffs and I already had plenty of dolls, thank you very much. No need for one that actually takes all the attention away from me.

However, when my little brother was born and as he grew to cause trouble, I remember asking my mom not to punish him for whatever he may have done, but to punish me instead.....yeah I used to be sweet...not sure what happened.

Sugar Snap Pea decided that there is a fun way to make that intro transition. A great bonding time for parent/child is to prepare something for the new addition to the family.

Poloppo is an amazing invention that allows your kid to express their creativity by creating a little onesie for the new baby. Its super easy too, both on you and your child. The package comes in with everything you may need. Paper to draw, crayons to draw with, and a PREPAID envelope that you send in the art work. Shortly after, you will get the onesie you requested (comes in different colors and sizes) at your doorstep!

Poloppo also offers big kids tees and other fun art projects. Watch out, sugar snap pea may have a fun art class one day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

be THAT guest~

For as little time as I have been in this business, I can already tell you I've learned a lot! From what first time parents need, to what they absolutely shouldn't even consider spending their money on. Often enough, a mom really does want something that she may not have the courage to buy... Enter, a really cool shower goer. This is me in every scene.

Yes I want to get future mommy something she will need and use, but its always fun to make her giggle. If you want to be that guest at the shower and get the giggle award, I present to you, the Bibi&Mimi onesies.

Just don't be shocked if you get dirty looks from those who brought diapers as gifts...they don't realize their gift is just as good as yours....just a little messier.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mature eyes only

I remember walking through trade show booths in New York this past March and something caught my eye....something that I wasn't sure I could easily recognize, but yet looked shockingly known.

I stopped and spoke with one of the inventors of Mimijumi Bottles. The concept behind the creation of this great product is simple...WHY CONFUSE THE BABY. Well, maybe it wasn't how I had it described to me...but that's basically what I got out of it.
Your baby just experienced a lot of changes by being born...people are snapping pictures, grandpa in the back yelling " THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY EVER" and then they try to teach your child how to eat. That's right...lets just change it ALL up on a baby.

"Mimijumi was created by two psychiatrists and an industrial designer with the goal of creating new products that will revolutionize the parenting process". Yes please.

So while some men may be uncomfortable holding a bottle that looks a lot like the actual thing, remember, its for the good of your baby :)

Sugar Snap Pea just got an order of these and I cant wait to share them with our customers!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Rub-a-dub-dub Sugar Snap Pea has found a great tub!

While I have never had to break my back bending over a giant tub washing my brand new child, I can only imagine what joy it can be...
Alas, you can pull your back muscles other ways now..but it wont be washing your new baby. Puj baby(check out this video) invented a great tub that is space saving AND adorable at the same time.

sugar snap pea will have these very very soon!