Friday, March 26, 2010

its the people...

I went to a really small college, where the town's motto was "its the people". You cant make this up even if you tried. However, after being there for 4 years, you realize, it really is all about the people. So many of you have sent me such lovely notes and messages about my new adventure, and it lights up my day! So thank you.

Since this blog is not just about what cool things sugar snap pea will carry, but the every aspect of my business, I wanted to highlight a special family in my life that helped sugar snap pea ...well get its name.

When this first crazy idea came to my head about picking up my life and moving to a strange city, I decided to pay a little visit to my friends in Portland, OR. They are the perfect family. Really, Im writing this with tiny bit of envy. I met Mark in college, and we got along great. He kept saying how much Id enjoy meeting his fiancee, who lived in OR at the time. I never thought much about it, until Heather and I started an innocent gmail relationship. Long story short, our relationship blossomed so much, that we rendez vous in Chicago and then I decided to visit them in OR. (ok, really it was heather, but thanks for the house mark ;)

When I first arrived in their wonderful city, we headed to a great brunch and mark said, I think you should name your store sugar snap pea. I looked at him like he was crazy, and carried on with our conversation. The more time we spent, the more I kept going back to that name.
Sugar Snap perfect. Sugar, sweet southern ways, its elegance and charm. Snap, fresh modern approach to clothing and childhood, and Pea, for your little one....THAT WAS IT!

No business ever takes off because you did it all yourself. So I was so grateful for that help! I knew that the name would stick for many reasons, but i trusted this family so much, because they are wonderful business owners themselves.

Mark opened Clive Coffee a few years ago. This wonderful company has amazing leadership and runs perfectly. Im saying that as a friend and also as a customer. After visiting their home and having some of their coffee, I decided to order his french press. Its because of that press, that I get things done during the day. Really, its my new best friend.

Dont take my word. Look at this video and take a look at some of the images from his website, and do yourself a favor, order something and you'll be changed forever. From customer service, to fast shipping (and bonus, no sales tax), amazing products and everything you may want from a business, they have it. Its wonderful to have friends like Mark and Heather. And its wonderful to have all of you as friends! Thank you!

P.S. they knew nothing about this post...its my pure pleasure to embarrass my friends this way.

Monday, March 22, 2010

my first shipment!!

So for those who are following my on and off lack of blogging, I thank you :) These past couple of days and weeks have been crazy. Currently we are in the midsts of finding the perfect space for my store...keep checking back, something may change soon ;)

As you know, I just got back from my first trade show. When you attend trade shows that have immediate and later deliveries you can ask some vendors to deliver at a later date...however some need to ship right away to accurately stock their wear with that apartment is turning into a lovely baby wear house. Luckily all of this stuff is so cute, its like Christmas morning opening every box!

Today we got the first shipment of our wonderful aden&anais products. I cant wait to tell you every little detail of these great products...but I will have to just wet your appetite by showing some of the pictures. Aden & Anais is known for their amazing swaddling blankets (those without babies may be scratching their heads...but don't worry...I didn't know what they were not too long ago) However, they make for amazing shower gifts and every mother needs them. Aden&Anais has also mastered the perfect burpy/bib set and many more. Don't believe me? Look at the very reputable celebrity list :)

So get ready to make sugar snap pea your perfect baby shower gift destination!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

and it feels like home

Oh New York New York...How I have a love/hate relationship with you. I love that you can have 7 different restaurants on one tiny street, and that you can buy a dozen of roses on the street for 5 bucks at 5 am. (which, to agree with my friend Ren, gives guys 0 excuses not to buy flowers) However, I do not miss people stepping on you and not even realizing they did it... After leaving Chicago and visiting New York, I am that much more certain that Charleston is an amazing home for me!
After coming back from my first trade show I learned SO much. I was very scared that I was going to want to buy everything at the show. And sure, there were a lot of great stuff that I wish could fit the budget of my customers. However, narrowing down was easier than I thought. I was able to find about 15 vendors out of hundreds. I think they will work very well for Sugar Snap Pea and I hope you all will agree when you see the amazing products in August. In the meantime, the big headache of the moment is finding that perfect spot for the store. Between the perfect location, much needed small space and enough foot traffic, Im hoping the perfect one will just appear :)

Until that perfect space finds me, I wanted to leave you with some wonderful images of my new home town-Charleston, South Carolina.

images by google images

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A few firsts for me...

Today brought me a lot of "firsts". First...I overpacked. Now, Im sure some of you think that its a usual thing for me. Well, let me tell you, that when I travel to Europe for 2 weeks or longer, I never once checked my bag. Thats talent folks! So much to my shock, I think I overpacked for New York...and why? I AM planning on shopping...

My second "new" thing today was matching all of my laundered socks...thats right...they all returned. Although I think there is some other universe/space where socks are just orbiting the earth. Im responsible for at least..half of them.

Finally, I've never been to an airport as small as Charleston. I think they may ask us to go push the plane down the runway...Oh well, here is to a wonderful weekend. Im going to leave you with some fun images I got from the ENK trade show! Don't worry Charleston, Im bringing all the goods back!

Big Bird time!!

Ok, so some of you may think Im talking about a big yellow no. Im talking about a little tea cup of an airplane Im taking to New York to get all the goodies for the fall. Coming from Chicago, where you only fly giant air busses and mess with airports like O'Hare, Im going to have to start getting used to flying in small little airplanes to get me places. (and also not arrive 8 hours before your flight in hopes of making it)
So what's in New York? Some of you may not know this, but "back to school" clothes for us starts in March. While most of you don't start shopping for your fall stuff until September, we get to see all the fun stuff 6 months in advance. I am taking my little folders and charts and budgets and ready to spend some money on clothes that Im too old to fit into :) (but Im sure I would have looked darling in it back when)

However before that adventure, 3 of my best friends are meeting me in New York for a fun girls weekend. I cant wait to brunch with them and chat about our lives now. On the agenda, yummy brunch at Essex and lots of shopping.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on everything I find in New York and cant wait to take lots of beautiful pictures!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Will you be my friend?

First of all, thank you to all who have sent little kind notes regarding this fun new adventure. Cant wait to see where this takes us. On another note, its time for Sugar Snap Pea to make friends. Although the store doesn't have an address yet and even a set open date, we are ready to get some great vendors! Our first friend -- the Cutey Booty. I met its owners a week ago, and absolutely fell in love with their product and the ladies behind the brand. These two local moms love their products ( and how can you not--look at those!!!) and I am so excited to work with them! In fact, Id love to put those on myself when it comes August here in Charleston...kind people have been warning me...but I think Im still for a nice "southern" treat :) Bring it on humidity.