Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a BIG deal!

Well, I know Im just throwing everything and everyone off by blogging twice in one week. Im just making someones week that extra special (i'm thinking my mom, but then again, it may be just a wishful guess)

This Saturday, Im packing up with my friends The Cutey Booty and Barbara Beach, and heading to the spring buying show in NY, to get some great new items for SSP.

Yes, I will know whats hot and whats not for babies 6 months in advance. Here is the big, secret, fun announcement that my blog readers are about to find out:

SSP is going up in sizes for Spring! Thats right folks, Ill be going up to size 12 for girls and possibly 8 for boys.

I have been so honored to get such a great response from all of you, so I look forward to seeing you all, including those that have been left out due to current small sizes. *currently go up to size 5t. (this includes my wonderful cousins who are super excited)

So the reason I wanted to let you all know about this, is because I need your help. I'd love to know about some of the brands you may have enjoyed, perhaps only able to buy online, but wish you could see them before purchasing, or just something you are dying to see at SSP. I'll be your eyes at the show, and will bring full report for what looks and feels great, is wonderful quality and a great price point.

And if you are not able to stop by the store, send us a quick note or give us a call and we'd love to ship to you!

Heres to a great buying trip~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well Looky Here ( or up)

I know its not monday...but it was totally worth the day to blog about it. Today Sugar Snap Pea got its sign. Thats right folks, no longer will you have to bend your necks, look up into the sky and try to figure out where you are or what amazingness you're standing in front of. Sugar Snap Pea is seen from afar and from up close. The little giraffe is happy, yet modern, friendly and all of the things that Sugar Snap Pea is to you. All thanks to Limelight Co!

So come on near and check out the sign! Oh, and while you're here, come in and say hi.

Monday, September 20, 2010

sleep well

I've recently seen a lot of blog posts about beautiful nurseries. Usually those have not so pretty prices attached. Of course lot of thought has to go into your kids room, besides budget. Is the crib safe? Can we use it for another child? What material is it made out of? And now, cribs have taken it to the next level. How long can I use this crib? When deciding on a crib for sugar snap pea, I knew all of those questions better have good answers before I pick a furniture line. And sure enough, I am very happy with my choice. Argington has managed to create a unique, clean, classic crib line, that is not only safe for you and your children, but is also going to last you just past those 2 years.

The Bam line starts as a bassinet, which later on converts to a crib. Not ready to part ways with this set yet? You dont have to, because the crib turns into a "big girl/boy" bed with just one conversion piece.

The beautiful part (besides its functionality, style and feel) is the price. You can buy the bassinet alone, and then upgrade to crib pieces if you want to, OR you can buy the set and save 100 bucks. Lastly, remember that although it looks unique, Bam will take normal size crib sheets, vs custom ordered.

Stop by SSP to check it out. Currently its the home to our beautiful jelly cat toys :) They seem to love it, and I know they snooze in it all the time, so no doubt your child will too!

fits through all doorways!

the nifty toddler conversion piece

Monday, September 13, 2010


Buga-boo! No, thats not me getting you ready for Halloween. Its the stroller line that Sugar Snap Pea is bringing for our lovely customers. Strollers are a funny thing. They are going to be part of your life for a long time, so when choosing the right stroller for the store I had to take a lot into consideration.

Charleston is blessed with a gorgeous historic downtown, so you want something easy to ride on old cobblestone streets, but easy to pack into your car and drive to the beach 10 minutes away. (this schpeel is actually not for the stroller, its for all of those that live far away from Charleston, but should be packing up and moving asap)

So many people feel that they step into a european boutique when they come to Sugar Snap Pea, so what better way to continue the motif, but with a european stroller line. Come to SSP and check out the new beautiful ride your baby will be happy you purchased! (and so your back)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Whats SSP to you?

Happy Labor day everyone. I feel like I'm truly celebrating this labor day by laboring away on all of my new merchandise. And man oh man, do I have a lot. I had to order extra 300 hangers (mind you, that's how many I ordered the first time around, and occupied every single one) and then just ran out and wished I had more. Well, at least I wont have the case of "nothing to wear" at my store. I just added tea collection, where all daily tea items are under $30 and are great for everyday school wear. I have beautiful Neige line for girls that is so easy to mix and match, you'll never wonder who dressed your child. I can go on and on, but this post isn't about all the amazing new fall stuff. Its about what is beyond the sales room.

When I first opened the store, I had a very scary back room. I feel like most stores have one. Mine was SO scary I didn't even want to put my merchandise in boxes. ( i maaaay have a slight fear of bugs...or places where bugs can easily hang out)

So I was determined to make my back room Zhenya friendly. During the construction process, I realized, that it would be great to make it EVERYONE friendly.

So this post, is mostly for you folks. Those who live in Charleston and would like to frequent SSP beyond shopping for clothes and gifts. SSP's back room (which any clever names are welcomed) is going to be used for many different purposes. Baby shower rental room, Baby and Mommy classes, Baby 101's and many more. Most likely the room will be available in late September early October, so this is the time to put your thinking caps on.

What would you like to learn at SSP? How would you like our community to grow and how can we help?

I'm all ears!

Now please, stop by and buy something so I can hang more stuff up :)