Saturday, February 27, 2010

New beginnings!

I’ve never been the blogging type. Sure, I have over 40 blogs saved under my favorites. I try to read them at least daily, and often enough I drift into the beautiful images looking back at me. However, never ever ever did I think I would be on the other side of the post. Im not funny...(at least when I try to be). I still make grammatical mistakes.(i’ll be using “english is not my first language” excuse many-o-times) And worst of all, I ramble. “Land the plane” phrase was invented with me in mind.

So why start one now? Well, about a year ago I decided to take a leap of faith and open my own baby boutique. I experienced every possible emotion under the sun. Tears, excitement, fear, overwhelming peace, feeling like this is the right thing, feeling like this is the worst idea, you get the picture.

I picked up my corporate life in Chicago and moved to Charleston, SC. I feel like Dorothy following the golden brick road. God has been leading me on this road, and when I step off the road, I’m rerouted. FAST.

I have more than ever appreciated my friends through this time. From getting me friends they may have in Charleston. To offering free advise, and above all, working late on my silly graphic requests. (Margaret McCarthy is an angel)

My hope for this blog? Just to share. I loved finding different stories as to why someone opened their own business. Frankly, if I can help someone, it will be well worth it.

So this blog is for EVERYONE. Moms to be, who are excited to learn about new products out there for their little ones. To future entrepreneurs, to a girl down the street, to friends back home in Chicago, to future friends in Charleston.

Thank you for standing by my side! Here is to new beginnings for everyone!