Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dont walk...RUN!

Hi everyone! I deserve a big fat F for neglecting this blog. But not to worry, 2011 resolution will keep me in check when it comes to updating this blog :) ( i am sure this blog will get more attention than my gym membership)

I hope everyone had a great holiday and thank you all for stopping back to ask me how my travels were. Visiting my folks was wonderful and I had my store in wonderful hands, thanks to Heather and Meg.

2011 is here and I can not WAIT until all the new stuff arrive. We just got our new tea collection items for early spring and its amazing. The best part? we have sizes through 8!!!! Our next collection will have sizes through 12 in select outfits for girls.

Dont believe me that its great? How about some of these images below? I will leave you drooling, while I finish unpacking it all ( and psst we have 30% off some great items too!!)

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