Wednesday, January 26, 2011

we're cooking something good!!

January may be a month where people relax from their busy holiday schedules, but that's not the case here at Sugar Snap Pea! As many of you know, we have a lot of fun secrets under our sleeves, and well be announcing them very soon!

Currently we are working on our webstore!! So many people, locals or visitors, asked if we had an online store, that we knew waiting another 6 months wouldn't be smart.

Currently our goal is to have everything up by February 21st, but who knows, we may work overtime :)

Some of the fun things it will include:

~baby registry~

While we LOVE having moms come in and register here, and will continue to encourage in store consultations, we want your out of town relatives to be able to buy you gifts you actually WANT!

~baby registry recommendations~

we love helping parents make smart decisions for their new additions. You'll be able to read on our registry recommendations and make an educated decision on what you'll want to register, even if its not with us!

~top 10 gifts~

so many of you have birthday parties that you know you HAVE to go to, but have no idea what to get. Enter-SSP. We will make the best recommendations based on age, quality and price.

~gift baskets~

We are finally going to launch our concierge service we talked so much about! Pick a gift from $25, $50 or $100 and let us do the rest! (these will be preset or you can customize your own)

And remember, all of our gift wrap is complimentary!

Any other fun options that you'd like to see on our site? Were open to all suggestions!

P.S. GOOGLE: Sugar Snap Pea and see what you get! We just beat our biggest competition-the vegetables!

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