Tuesday, February 1, 2011

so humbled-nursery notations

As many of you know, December was a crazy month. Mostly because I had to leave the store and for me, its like leaving your baby with a relative...you trust them, but you call them every 15 minutes to make sure your baby is ok. ( I don't have children, but Im totally picturing myself doing that....oh boy)

Anyway, when I was traveling, the store was in very trusted hands of Meg and Heather (some of you love them more than you love me....and I'm ok with that...) So while I was away, we had a lovely visitor that I heard SO much about prior to her visit. I was HONORED that she stopped in and loved the store, but what I didnt expect is for her to blog about it on her amazing website: http://www.nurserynotations.com/

Here is the funny part-I've been following her blog for some time now. In fact, all the fun nursery designs that I saw, and some other neat inspirations for the store, came from that blog!! So much to my amazement this morning, and to a little stalking, I found out she wrote an AMAZING article on her blog. Jaw-floor-grin-side to side.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU and I hope that next time we can actually meet face to face!

P.S. all my new mommies and mommies to be-still not sure how you want to decorate your nursery? Make this page your daily go to!!

To check out the article and some of her great pictures of the store check here:

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful post Your store is fab! Wish we had one here in Manhattan Beach!