Monday, February 14, 2011

outfit of the day

Sorry this blog seems to be so unstable :) We are swamped building our website which we hope to bring to you by the end of this month!! We had a great success hosting Jonathan Miller and Sammy's books this past sunday. It was so much fun, that we decided to keep his books and sell them! If you'd like a signed copy, we have a few extras!

To continue with our fun products and small shipments that are starting to arrive here and there, we are continuing with our "outfit of the day" posts. Our outfit of the day fits in with this beautiful weather we are having. Perhaps start thinking about beautiful easter outfits? Great pieces by egg baby.

Sizes 6 months-6 years

isnt the back so cool??

beautiful front of the dress

12 months-6 years

yes please.

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