Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks MOM!!

GUUUESSS who is back! Yep. But Im pretty sure Im not going to make any excuses or say I'll get better at writing, until I actually DO BECOME better and consistent at keeping yall up on this blog!

Lots of wonderful and exciting things are coming up for sugar snap pea! We had to take a slight snooze on our e-commerce website, but our hopes are not all lost. We are still working on that, and will let you know as soon as it happens! (perhaps even reward you for your patience)

But today's post is to say thank you to all the MOMS. Moms who love their kiddos and bring them to SSP to show them off. Moms who may be on a business trip but still cant resist not bringing something back for their little ones. Moms and Dads who may be on their baby vacation or babymoon, and spend hours at SSP just getting excited for their new arrivals.

To say THANK YOU to all of you, please stop by Sugar Snap Pea this week and get a special promotion. When you purchase 2 full priced items, you get your 3rd 50%. Pretty dandy!

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